Sage Law’s estate administration attorneys act as your advocate when someone dies or becomes incapacitated. While many families take advantage of our firm’s effective estate planning strategies to avoid the expense, time and frustration of probate and guardianship, not everyone takes the time to get their affairs in order.  Whether you are the trustee, personal representative, guardian, conservator or beneficiary, our attorneys will assist you in navigating the challenges of court, taxes and trust requirements as simply and painlessly as possible. 

Trust administrations, probates, guardianships and conservatorships impose many responsibilities.  Sage Law, LLP will guide you through the process of finding and collecting assets, preparing an inventory, opening and closing bank accounts, notifying heirs and beneficiaries, preparing tax returns and paying taxes, dealing with creditors, preparing accountings and fulfilling reporting requirements, preserving and liquidating assets, along with complying with all court requirements and deadlines.

The probate or incapacity process can be simple or it can be complex. Sage Law, LLP has administered many probate estates in Johnson County, Kansas, Wyandotte County, Kansas, Miami County, Kansas, Franklin County, Kansas, Shawnee County, Kansas, Jackson County, Kansas, Meade County, Kanas, Ford County, Kansas, Douglas County, Kansas, Lyon County, Kansas, Riley County, Kansas and Jackson County, Missouri, Clay County, Missouri, Clay County, Missouri, and Platte County, Missouri, including supervised and informal probate administrations, small estates, Determinations of Heirship and Determinations of Descent. 

Sage Law, LLP has also been involved in complex litigation between executors, trustees, heirs and beneficiaries. Additionally, this office offers competent legal assistance in establishing, administering and terminating conservatorship and guardianship matters in Kansas and Missouri.

  • Estate Administration and Probate
    • Guide you through the estate administration from start to finish
  • Guardianships
    • For when a person, adult or minor, is incapable of managing their own healthcare and daily needs
  • Conservatorships
    • For when a person, adult or minor, is unable to manage their own financial affairs, such as paying bills, financial planning and managing finances
  • Trust Administration
    • Guide Trustees in administrating the trust, preparing accountings and reporting to the beneficiaries
  • Taxes
    • Preparation and guidance of fiduciary returns along with Estate and Gift Tax Returns
  • Trust and Estate Litigation and Dispute Resolution
    • Pursue and defend claims of undue influence, revoked wills, trust amendments, breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Trust and Will Judicial Modification
    • Utilizing court procedures to modify an otherwise irrevocable trust or will
  • Post-Death Administration and Transfers
    • Administrator’s, Executor’s and Trustee’s Deeds for Real Property and assistance in transferring assets to the heirs and beneficiaries