Trials are challenging prospects that require substantial time, energy and financial resources from even the most experienced litigants.  Civil litigation does not end with the jury verdict or a court’s final judgment.  Defending a winning verdict on appeal or reversing a negative one is just as important to your business and financial well-being as the initial result.

An appeal is not a second chance at trial.  Sage Law LLP understands that effective appellate advocacy requires different skills than those needed for trial success.  Trials establish facts, requiring skillful presentation and articulation of a story to persuade a jury or judge. Appellate counsel must convince judicial panels not about the facts or their interpretations, but about the proper application of technical law and procedure to those facts.  Trial attorneys use evidence to create a factual narrative.  Appellate lawyers take those established facts to weave a winning legal tapestry. 

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- Tony Stark

Sage Law has skilled and experienced appellate advocates who understand these legal and procedural minefields.  Our attorneys trained in the Midwest’s highest appellate court and understand how to identify and articulate winning legal arguments.  We know that persuasive appellate writing combines an appreciation for the trial-court record with an encyclopedic understanding of legal precedent.  We have the experience and history of success to craft legal briefs and oral arguments that maximize your chance of appellate victory.

Sage Law litigates appeals of all shapes and sizes, covering a wide array of subjects in many federal and state courts.  We can, and have already successfully, handled: 

• Petitions for review and certiorari; 

• Writ proceedings; 

• Motions practice in complex litigation; 

• Post-trial motions; 

• Amicus curiae briefing; and 

• Full appeals of bench and jury trials. 

We consider our appellate counsel part of your overall litigation team.  Because of our collaborative approach and wealth of appellate experience, we are frequently retained to handle appellate work from clients represented at trial by other firms.  We pride ourselves on working with clients and trial counsel immediately following the verdict to draft post-trial motions, strategize for possible appeals, analyze and preserve complex legal issues, and highlight winning approaches for appeal. 

Our approach works.  Sage Law has enjoyed great success in state and federal appellate courts throughout the country.  A representative sample of our successes includes:

Wichita Terminal Ass’n v. F.Y.G. Investments, Inc., 48 Kan.App.2d 1071, 305 P.3d 13 (Kan. App. 2013) (culmination of three successful appeals that reversed an onerous injunction place on a Wichita railway terminal)

Sentis Group, Inc. v. Shell Oil Co., 559 F.3d 888 (8th Cir. 2009) (reversed the dismissal of a $24 million fraud case and obtained the first mandatory removal on remand of a federal judge in the Western District of Missouri)

Rural Water Dist. No. 4, Douglas County, Kansas v. City of Eudora, Kansas, 720 F.3d 1269 (10th Cir. 2013) (overturned a jury verdict against the City of Eudora and granted summary judgment for the City on the water district’s civil rights claim, thereby empowering the City to provide water to its residents).

Pacific Fuel Co. v. Shell Oil Co., 416 Fed. Appx. 607 (9th Cir. 2011) (upheld a $4.5 million fraud verdict and attorney-fee award against the world’s second largest oil company) 

Hagan v. Hagan, 530 S.W.3d 608 (Mo. App. S.D. 2017) (affirming the award of land and monetary damages in the division of an estate)